Whirlwind Summer Wind Down

Yesterday I was getting on a plane for Rome, right? It feels that way anyhow. I cannot believe it is the end of August and summer is coming to a close. I don't remember a summer in recent history where I did so much or went through so many changes in such a short period of time. What a ride it has been and now, just as my routine feels settled, things are about to shift again. I am in the midst of my last full week at my job with the National Park Service and I start my new public library job on September 5th! The fall promises to be full of challenges that come with a new job, new classes, and a new schedule, but I cannot wait to get things started.

I will be working a few more hours per week this semester than last and with three classes, my time management skills are going to get a workout. That said, I will finally have personal experience working in a library to draw upon for course discussions and assignments.

As of now I am signed up for four classes but I only plan to take three. I know for sure I will be taking two required courses: Principles of Management (LIS 404) and Evaluation of Information Services (LIS 403), but I am torn between Organization and Management of Public Libraries (LIS 450) and Business Information Sources and Services (LIS 430). My plan is to attend the first session of both courses and make my decision after seeing the syllabus and learning a little more about what each class entails. I really wish time and finances would allow me to take both but sometimes tough decisions need to be made.
Fall is in the air and I will be sure to report back on new adventures as I change gears and get back into school mode.


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