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One week of commuting down and three months to go... Does that sound pessimistic? I really don't mean it to. On the contrary, my week of commuting went better than expected! I used both two hour bus rides to catch up on my leisure reading and had three full days in Boston for classes, schoolwork and catching up on errands (including lunch and a shopping trip to the Copley Plaza with my aunt).

After a full semester in the spring and my trip to Rome over the summer, GSLIS is finally starting to feel like home. I already know at least one student in each of my classes and a couple of my professors as well. As I mentioned in my last post, I have signed up for four courses with the intention of dropping one and this decision is proving more difficult than I had anticipated. I had hoped after the first week of classes I would have a clear idea of which course I should drop. That was not the case, I absolutely loved all four courses and cannot decide.  It's a tribute to the strength of the GSLIS curriculum that I am so torn between my courses. (That said, I wish I had a crystal ball to see if one of these classes is being offered again in the spring.)

I'm giving myself the weekend to weigh the pros and cons of Organization and Management of Public Libraries (LIS 450) and Business Information Sources and Services (LLIS 430) before I choose. One thing is clear, with a 25ish page final assignment in one course and a 20ish page final paper in the other, there is no way I could swing taking all four classes, an idea I had toyed with briefly. Both my core courses, Evaluation of Information Services (LIS 403) and Principles of Management (LIS 404) are off to great starts and will complement my third course, whichever one that ends up being.

In the meantime, I'm back at the reference desk for week two of my fabulous new job. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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