Career Over Curriculum

At the beginning of each semester I expect to briefly plunge into a state of anxiety because classes are starting. This semester, however, feels different to me for three reasons: 1) It is my last semester, 2) My current work schedule is staying exactly the same, and 3) I will be physically on campus only a few times all semester. Despite those changes, of late my requisite anxiety has been superseded by an odd state of calmness, bordering on indifference. As auspicious as that sounds, I am suspicious that this calmness is just a temporary placeholder for anxiety...but for now I can't complain.

I have two classes this semester; one fully online and one blended, which means that some class meetings are on campus and some are online. My biggest fear with such a heavy online schedule is forgetting to do the work - it seems all too easy to accidentally skip a class that I need not physically attend. I chose this more remote schedule mainly to give myself extra flexibility at work and with my job search, but also to try a new type of learning. Online classes may sound like a cop out, but they require their own form of self-regulation and time management. Plus, as webinars and other online learning opportunities become more and more ubiquitous, I think it will behoove me to have a basic grasp on virtual learning. GSLIS has a stellar Continuing Education Program with a number of online workshops, and I somehow feel that I might be more likely to sign up for those in the future if I have some understanding of how an online course works.

Or, who knows, maybe this grand online course experiment will be a total bust and leave me eternally shunning virtual classrooms. I really don't think that will happen, as long as I remember to "go to" class and do the assignments. Frankly, it's not online classes that have quelled my anxiety about this upcoming semester; rather, my usual class-related anxiety has transferred to a new concern - getting a job. I have no plans to slack off in my classes, but in my old GSLIS age (30 credits) I have prioritized career over curriculum. With any luck, my next spell of anxiety will be about starting a new job rather than forgetting to do online assignments.


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