There has been a lot of blog talk lately about online classes.  I have taken all three types of classes in my two years here at GSLIS - face-to-face, blended and online. My personal favorite is face-to-face although with a long commute, blended and online can be more convenient.  I love the face-to-face interaction of my traditional classes, but a well-done online or blended class can be just as involved and highly interactive. (See my posts on Saving Kingston and my alternate reality class!)  Any kind of long-distance learning requires one to tap into a different skillset and requires good time management and self-motivation.

As all styles of learning have their benefits, which vary from individual to individual, I am a big fan of trying them all.  I have taken classes on both the Boston and West (South Hadley) campuses, in-person and online.  This semester (my last!), I have added the final GSLIS choice and am taking a class online through the WISE program at Syracuse University. WISE stands for Web-based Information Science Education. It is a cooperative consortium of ALA-accredited Library school programs that opens up even more opportunities for GSLIS students.

There are just too many classes I want to take, many more than my degree requirement. (Thank goodness for post-grad continuing education!) With so many choices here at GSLIS, why look further? I have specific goals I have set for myself to feel prepared for the real world.  WISE is a way for LIS schools to expand their course offerings and share their expertise.  I am taking Library Budgeting, Fundraising and Grant Writing at Syracuse.  The topic is one I covered within my Management class, but this semester-long course allows me to dig deeper, explore further, in a subject that I think will be important for my career.  I am really enjoying the WISE experience, and the interaction with faculty and students in another part of the country has been a great way to round out my education.

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