Mastering the Master Plan

It happened. I got a job. My master plan - starting my job search in September, taking one class online and one blended night class for maximum schedule flexibility, and continually using this forum to express my job-related anxieties in hopes that someone would sense my urgency and offer me a position - came together last Tuesday when I was offered a job offer doing prospect research at Boston University. I will not be in a traditional library setting, but this is the type of research-oriented, special library/information center position that I have been interested in since I took the Corporate Libraries course in May 2012.

I start on the 28th, so I will have about six weeks of overlap until my classes end in mid-December, but the scheduling could not have turned out much better. I gave two weeks notice at my internship and part-time job, which means that this and last week involve finishing up with those while simultaneously reveling in the glory of having mastered my master plan.

Thus far, my glorious revelry has been limited to telling friends, having a few celebratory drinks, and periodically patting myself on the back. As this continues to sink in, however, I need to start moving away from my state of celebration and toward one of preparation as I anticipate the beginning of my new career.


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