Not a Group Work Groupie

Given my mostly virtual schedule this semester, I figured that group projects would be out of the question. How could I possibly work with a group when nearly all of my classes meet online? I didn't choose online classes to avoid group work, but as someone who tends to work best alone, I was looking forward to doing solo assignments and projects. Plus, haven't I already met my GSLIS group project quota?

No and no.

As it turns out, only three of my twelve GSLIS classes did not involve some sort of group assignment or project. (Two of those were reference courses, which makes sense, as reference is usually not a communal endeavor.) I am struggling to think of a job that does not involve working with other people, and have come to appreciate that this focus on group work is a necessary preparation for the real world. Group work can be easier, harder, more stressful, less stressful, more effective, or less effective than working alone. I have experienced each of those sentiments in the midst of a single group project - there are just so many factors involved in working with other people, many of which are out of any one individual's control.

Control is the main reason that I prefer working alone - I can do my own thing, my own way, at my own pace. I am clearly not a group work groupie, but completing assignments with my classmates has taught me a lot about group dynamics and how to work directly, and often intensely, with anywhere from one to four other people. Additionally, a lot of that work has been over email or in GoogleDocs, which was a new experience for me. Virtual collaboration can be easier, harder, more stressful, less...ok, you get it. No matter the medium, group work will never be my favorite thing, but GSLIS has helped me realize that I am capable of doing it, even if I don't love it.


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