That Time Already?

It's hard to believe, but yes, this week I chose my courses for the spring semester! My new classes don't start for nearly three months but I'm sure that will go by in the blink of an eye. I did not sign up for any online courses but who knows if that will change in the coming months. While looking through past course evaluations to determine which professor might be the best for the dreaded and difficult LIS 415 Information Organization, aka Cataloging, I got some great advice from the all knowing Student Services Manager Richard Gates.

Prior to Wednesday I had never interacted with Richard other than reading his many emails providing students with crucial information about course registration and events on campus. He is such a wealth of knowledge and I gladly accepted his advice about potential courses and professors. Once again I was reminded how different my graduate school experience has been compared with my undergraduate. At Simmons it seems like there is always someone available to help, from advisors to professors to administrative staff. I really love the many different perspectives offered from a variety of sources and that it is so easy to find advice.

Speaking of advice, I still need to get more about online classes. I have mixed feelings about my first experience with the online course format this week and I find myself still debating the pros and cons of the format. As my schedule sorts itself out in the coming months an online class may become more appealing. For now I'm looking forward to (and a bit anxious about) my cataloging class and excited to delve more into technology in Database Management (LIS 458).  The technology course meets twice a week in one and a half hour blocks instead of the usual three hour class format, a brilliant idea for a technology course in my opinion.  Not having to wait a week between classes will allow me the time to reflect and ask questions as they are fresh in my mind. I'm hopeful that the divided class will make the brand new technology seem more approachable. 


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