Get Me Outta Here!

The end of the semester is quickly approaching, and frankly it cannot get here soon enough. September and October seemed to fly by, but November has been dragging along. I think the combination of starting a job, looking forward to the holidays, and knowing that I am only three assignments away from never having to do schoolwork ever again has me in a bit of a rut. In short, I'm ready to graduate.

When I started at GSLIS, I was a full-fledged student. I wasn't working or interning, so I really threw myself into my studies. These days, I spend far less time doing schoolwork, yet I find myself more and more perturbed by it. Like, why won't my research paper just write itself? Yes, I am complaining, and no, I do not expect any sympathy. Just need to vent a little.

I came into this program with a full head of steam, and now I'm running on fumes. This is not particularly unique or surprising, as I imagine that most GSLIS students experience similar highs and lows in their time here. What is surprising, however, is how ready I am to get outta here. That sounds a bit harsh, but it is the ultimate testament to the GSLIS program - it has completely prepared me to leave it behind.


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