It's Not You, GSLIS, It's Me

I just checked the syllabus for each of my classes to confirm what I have been suspecting but had not bothered to verify. For nearly two years I've known this day would come, and now that it is almost upon me I'm finally aware of its exact date. On December 11, 2013, GSLIS and I will be officially over. Done. Through. Broken up.

In theory, December 11 will be just another Wednesday at work followed by a night class. In reality, it will be my last day spent living with the guilt of cheating on GSLIS with my new (very sexy) job. As I wrote last week, I am ready to separate from GSLIS, but it turns out that our divorce cannot be finalized until December 11. I have no idea how I'll feel when I walk out of class that day, or after the holidays when I find myself spending nights and weekends relaxing without GSLIS constantly pining for my attention. GSLIS is soooo needy, and I've had enough.

Will I miss GSLIS? I don't know. As with any breakup, I'll need to be more removed from the situation before determining my ultimate sentiments. GSLIS and I spent three semesters in a state of undeniable dedication and passion, but lately I've been a bit less committed. I've been phasing myself out by taking blended and online classes, and even started spending 40 hours each week with that sexy new job. In retrospect, I guess I've been ready for this breakup for quite a while now. The split will be amicable and won't surprise anyone, not even GSLIS itself, and I know we will both be better off. I'm ready to move on. It's not you, GSLIS, it's me. There are other people out there for you, I promise. I hope we can still be friends.


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