Derby Dames

derbydames.pngI am not a sports person.  In Canada we have our hockey, yes, but even people who don't like hockey are allowed to go about their daily lives with a minimum of head shakes and eyebrows raised.  Even hockey, it's understood, is not for everyone.  That's not possible in Boston.  Sports are a religion here.  It's hard for me, an outsider, to say which team inspires the most passion in Bostonians; if hard pressed I would have to guess the Patriots, but the Patriots-Red Sox-Bruins trifecta is everywhere.  Trying to explain that no, you haven't been to Fenway to see the Red Sox play because you're not actually a baseball fan will get you both head shake, the raised eyebrows, and an immediate invitation to come see a game, with the obvious expectation that yes, you too will soon be converted.  (Which is why I will be not only going to a game on Thursday, but participating in some sort of giant flag (?) holding ceremony (??) on the field before the game (!!).  I... don't know.)

I am not a sports person, but one thing I do love to go and see whenever I have the chance is roller derby.  A lot of people aren't really sure what rollerderby02.jpgmodern roller derby is, and let me just say that it has come a long way from the '70s scripted version.  I don't have any particular team or league that I follow; I just love how fast-paced and fun the bouts are to watch.  The great thing about the Boston area is that there are 6 different teams within an hour drive: The Boston Derby Dames league, Southeastern Massachusetts' Mass Attack league, New Hampshire's Roller Derby league, Worcester's Roller Derby league, the Seacoast (NH) roller derby league, and Providence's roller derby league.  This is all an embarrassment of riches for any roller derby fan, and means that there's something going on in this area nearly every weekend.  I spent Saturday evening at a double header at the Derby Dames' home base in Somerville, watching the Boston teams crush both the Mass Attack All-Stars and the Bronx Gridlock.  It was a great day altogether, and I seriously doubt that any day at Fenway would be as much fun.  I suppose I'll find out this week.


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