Full-Time Librarian, Triumph High School, Cheyenne WY

Full-Time Librarian (1-Position) FOR 2013/2014 CONTRACT YEAR

Posting End Date: until closed

Location: Triumph High School

Full-Time, 185 Day Contract
Minimum Base Salary: $46,160.00 + Benefits

The job of Library Media Specialist - Secondary Schools was established for the purpose of providing support to the instructional program with specific responsibilities for performing clerical functions related to collection, processing, circulation, maintenance, and inventory of library materials and/or textbooks, documenting losses and monitoring procedures; implementing age appropriate programs for students utilizing library resources; selecting appropriate items in support of classroom instruction; and instructing students on the proper use of the library resources.

This job reports to Principal.

Contact Mike Helenbolt, Principal 307-771-2500  before June 11th, 2013; Contact Human Resources 307-771-2100 after June 11th, 2013.

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