Records Manager, RSD, Andover MA


Work with global national enterprise customers across pharmaceuticals, insurance, financial, manufacturing, and government agencies in this opportunity to develop Information Governance solutions to their corporate records management challenges. We are seeking person who will work with executive and management leaders, business thought leaders, and IT specialist in the customer in the development of their Information Governance solutions based on RSD GLASS®. The opportunity here is for this individual to work across many business lines within the customer in a records management role in identifying and implementing solutions to creation of Information Governance platform using RSD GLASS®. As a RSD GLASS® expert you will advise and guide customers to successful deployment and creation of an Information Governance platform to support the customer programs.

As a thought leader in the application of corporate records techniques in creating an Information Governance platform for customers. As a product expert in RSD GLASS you will find solutions, ideas, and techniques to maximize their Information Governance objectives around RSD GLASS®.


Experience in development of corporate retention schedules, records disposition process policies, management of physical records, and information technology solutions deployment at the scale of large or global national enterprise. Development of metadata, records life cycles, and disposition and classification events.

Project management experience in deployment of corporate records solutions using information technology.

Have strong communication skills upward sideways and downward, speaking to all levels of the organization and stakeholders. Clear successful experience working with Corporate Records Management.

Detailed corporate records experience in one of the following: finance, pharmaceutical, banking, manufacturing, or government agency. Experience in information technology projects which are core infrastructure applications supporting corporate requirements.

Analytical skills to apply an IT Information Governance solution to customer's corporate records business challenges.

Ability to work with customers to identify and develop solutions, and to think creatively.

Thought leader for customers in adapting their Records Retention Schedules into a GLASS Enterprise Master Classification as an Information Governance Solution

Develop Corporate Records Management solutions using GLASS for physical and electronic information assets.

Coaching skills for records managers and information governance managers, and work with them in development of effective programs.


Demonstrable Corporate Records Management skills and expertise. Clearly understand the benefits of creating Information Governance Management platforms at the corporate level.

Proficient in the relevant best practices within industry, appropriate application of records management standards DOD, MEDOC, HIPPA, FRCP, or applicable state rules.

Project management certification or reference able experience.

Managing and leadership roles with deployment of Information Technology solutions at the corporate level.

Corporate Records Manager certification.

Minimum Bachelors Library Science or related fields.

Superior customer skills at all levels of a customer organization.

Superior written skills.

Prior Experience

Prior experience as a successful project manager / project leader of Information Technology solutions.

Minimum 5 years' experience and active leadership role as Enterprise Corporate Records Manager


If interested, please email a cover letter and resume to

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