Reclassification Technician, Backstage Library Works, Peabody MA

Backstage Library Works will be working on site at a library in Peabody, Massachusetts to physically reclassify the library's book collection from the Dewey classification system to the Library of Congress classification system. We are currently seeking technicians to complete the project.


During the past year, Backstage Library Works has reclassified Dewey numbers as Library of Congress numbers for each record in the library catalog. The next phase of the project will involve applying Library of Congress labels generated from these records to the books they represent. As the project progresses the relabeled Dewey collection will be placed in Library of Congress order. We anticipate that the project will last through November 2013.


Job Duties


Primary duties include the following:

  • Applying the correct labels and barcodes to books using specific match criteria
  • Tracking books that have been labeled using Database Management software
  • Tracking books that do not match certain criteria on our labels
  • Flagging items that are not ready for labeling; separating these items into categories for which they cannot be labeled
  • Shelving books in the correct order, according to the Library of Congress Classification system
  • Shifting books to correct sections of the library or collection


Job Requirements


At times this will be a physically demanding job involving lifting, pulling and pushing loads of books. The material is housed on 12 foot shelving and ladders will be used to retrieve these items. Other requirements:


  •   Strong organizational skills
  •   Strong attention to detail
  •   Basic computer skills/familiarity with database applications
  •   Knowledge/familiarity of libraries and library classification schemes (or the ability to learn them)
  •   Able to perform repetitive tasks with accuracy/efficiency




Wages start at $11.50/hr. Benefits for full time employees include health, dental, and vision insurance as well as a 401K.


This is a full-time job: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. Please send a copy of your resume and a cover letter to Alyson Reid to apply.


**All potential hires must pass a background check and drug test.

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