Various Opportunities, Boston Marathon Digital Archive

We've finally finished a new, more user-friendly version of the Contribute plugin for Omeka, which should help the public more easily contribute to the archive ( As the project becomes more public, we hope to gather a much wider collection of stories, photos, videos, and more from around the city and beyond. 

You can help by:

1.) contributing your own stories and media. We're not just looking for contributions from people directly affected--we hope to capture a broad picture of how these events affected the lives of people in and around Boston. Add your voice to this record.

2.) Encouraging others to contribute. If you know someone with a compelling story to tell, please point them to the archive and encourage them to contribute.

3.) Contributing your content will further help us by testing the limits of our new Contribute plugin with more users and more types of contributions. We're sure there are still some bugs we have yet to discover--you can help us uncover them!

4.) Volunteering--we're still interested in hearing from those who want to help the project in some way. Thus far we have volunteers assisting in a variety of ways--from adding basic metadata to items to helping with technical tweaks to incorporating the archive into their fall classes. If you'd like to get involved, email the project at