Chapter Logo Contest, New England Chapter of the Music Library Association

The New England Chapter of the Music Library Association is holding a contest to find a new logo. The winner will receive a $100 Visa gift card and the winning logo will be used by the New England Chapter of the Music Library Association.
Eligibility: Anyone in the United States is eligible to enter. Entries per person: There is no limit to the number of entries one person may submit; however, please do not submit close variants of a single logo as separate entries.

Deadline: Entries must be received by Friday, September 20, 2013 at 12:00pm, EST.

Prize: $100 Visa gift card.

Design guidelines:
We favor logos that display New England type things and/or music related things, as well as any other interpretations that would be suitable for our chapter.
Our current logo  has been around for a long time, and we are hoping to find something new as we will be working to create a new website in the upcoming months. Your logo entry may contain elements of the current logo, and it may incorporate the logo of our parent organization, the Music Library Association ( Incorporating these design elements is entirely optional.

You may incorporate the text "Music Library Association New England Chapter," "New England Chapter" or "NEMLA" into your design. The logo will be used on the Association's homepage, as well as on documents and promotional material the Association may issue, both online and in printed or physical form. The logo may be used at several different sizes, and in grayscale as well as in color. Therefore we require a logo that would look good both online and in print, and be recognizable when used at large and small sizes. It should also work well in black and white as well as in color. Generally minimize your use of photographic elements unless they are sufficiently simple and graphic to meet the criteria above, looks good at various sizes, and in both color and grayscale. Simple, graphic designs work best in most cases.

Submission guidelines:
1.    While you may make multiple submissions, please limit your submissions to one per email message.
2.    Use the subject line: NEMLA Logo Contest Submission.
3.    Attach to your submission, an email message, two versions of your logo saved as either uncompressed tiff files or jpegs saved at the maximum quality level (10 or 12):
a.    one large master file with your logo in full color (if your logo uses color), saved as to be 1600 pixels in its maximum dimension (e.g. 1600 x 200 or 1200 x 1600 pixels)
b.    one smaller grayscale version of your logo, saved at 300 pixels on your logo's maximum dimension (e.g. 250 x 300 or 300 x 115 pixels)

1.    Include your name, email address and contact phone number in the body of each email submission.
2.    Send your submissions to: by the deadline (12pm EST on September 20).
3.    The winning contestant grants the New England Chapter of the Music Library Association unlimited use of the winning logo in exchange for the prize. The designer of the winning logo will be acknowledged on the Chapter's website.

By submitting your design you agree to the terms of the contest.

The final ballot of logo submissions will be publicized and open to viewing by all. However, only regular voting members of the New England Chapter, Music Library Association will pick the winning logo design from the final ballot. Preliminary voting will occur online before the chapter's fall meeting and the final vote will occur on October 4, 2013 during the chapter's fall meeting. The winner will be announced during the afternoon reception. Entries that fail to meet the submission guidelines will be disqualified and excluded from the final ballot. The NEMLA Board reserves the right to override the final vote if deemed necessary.