Research and Instructional Technologist, Wellesley College, Wellesley MA


The Research and Instructional Technologist provides support for multimedia instruction and research being done in the humanities, social sciences and sciences. Principal tasks will center upon assisting faculty and students in using multimedia technology for classroom assignments and projects through individual consultations, classroom instruction, and technical workshops.

This position provides support for a wide range of digital image, audio, video and animation software and related equipment. We do not expect candidates to arrive as experts on all software, equipment, and coursework listed below; however, candidates should have a strong foundation in many.

Multimedia software used in the Wellesley College curriculum includes: the Adobe suite, especially Acrobat, Encoder, Encore, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere; Apple Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, iDVD, Logic Pro, and QuickTime; Capture One, Maya, Max 6 with MSP, Amadeus, Sibelius, Abelton Live, and more.

Coursework includes scripting including software-specific scripting languages, APIs and Automator

Relevant equipment used in the Wellesley College curriculum includes: Digital SLRs, video cameras and audio recorders; projectors, scanners, large format printers, Macintosh/Windows computers and alternative input devices; IR, Wii controller's, motion detection, sound equipment, and new 3-D printers and scanners.

This position collaborates closely with faculty and colleagues across Library & Technology Services and elsewhere on campus to develop and lead new programs to support multimedia instruction and research and create an integrated support model for the wide range of software in use across campus.

This position will also be collaborating closely with the Art, Music, Cinema and Media Studies, and Media Arts and Sciences departments, so an advanced degree in fine arts is highly desirable.


Required: Substantial demonstrated experience in multiple software applications and the equipment in use at Wellesley. Demonstrated experience working with undergraduate students and faculty, and instructing/teaching undergraduates. Ability and willingness to assist users with a wide range of skill (from beginning to advanced) in creating multimedia projects. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Minimum of three years of related professional experience. Applicants must be able to work well as part of a team and work effectively in a culturally diverse environment.

Desired: An advanced degree in fine arts is highly desirable. Experience working with a diverse range of media types (images, audio, video, animation). Advanced web authoring skills, and experience creating and maintaining information systems. Experience working in/supporting a media lab. Experience in a library environment and familiarity with academic library information resources, academic library services, and academic library practices a plus.

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