Virtual Internship, Mitinet Library Services, Verona WI

Mitinet Library Services

421 S. Nine Mound Rd.

Verona, WI 53593

Supervisor: Tom Adamich --


Internship Description

Please note: This is a virtual internship.

It's a great time to be a metadata creation and management specialist. The Mitinet Cataloging Internship Program will be a key part of your journey to become a great one! Welcome to the Mitinet Cataloging Internship Program. It is our pleasure to be a key part of your metadata education as a Librarian. Mitinet will provide you with the Mitinet Education Program - a series of webinars, learning modules, and resources designed to help you understand the "how" as well as the "why" behind metadata creation, analysis, and management. You will then be asked to be a part of the following:

  • Paid internship
  • Most processes will eventually be automated (i.e. work from Dewey classification tables and drop-downs for subject headings - average 6-8 record)
  • Participants work virtually; each one signs an agreement and has a 1099
  • Must complete profile assessment ; may work as little or as much as you want; must commit to a certain total MARCs per week (obtained from a MARC record bank)
  • Student will work with the Mitinet professional librarian to develop learning outcomes and write a position paper on a relevant cataloging / knowledge management topic (5-7 pages)

In the Mitinet Education Program, you will have access to MARC Magician. MARC Magician is Mitinet's professional cataloging tool. It's the most powerful global editing and cataloging tool in the world. MARC Magician is also the centerpiece of the The MARC Wizard Cataloging Suite. MARC Wizard is a bundle of tools and data services to help librarians create, manage, and customize metadata - using tools to clean, standardize, and validate metadata for accuracy. MARC Wizard also provides access to important education-based data sets. We also give you a screening tool for any existing metadata to keep your database clean and consistent - statistically proven to increase library materials and information access. The MARC Wizard Cataloging Suite is designed to be your guide to making metadata meaningful... for lifelong learning! Established in 1989, Mitinet, Inc. is a known innovator in the area of MARC metadata creation and database optimization. Our founding legacy began with the world's first integrated library system- the RLN system at Stanford University and continued through the years as a key part of notable metadata project interactions with premier institutions such as the Queens Borough Public Library, Beijing Library, and Oxford University, to name a few.

From our beginnings, Mitinet, in conjunction with the state of Wisconsin Department of Education developed the first ever, PC-based MARC cataloging tools (MARC Magician) for the focused purpose of empowering Wisconsin k-12 school librarians to create electronic records and manage data within the then new automated library environment. Today, Mitinet is the de facto MARC metadata database expert for libraries of all types and specializes in serving the needs of K-12 school libraries. Mitinet optimizes and enhances more K-12 school library databases than all other library material metadata vendors combined. Using an analogy, "If the best made automobile's engine is running on dirty oil and using poor quality fuel, the engine won't perform to its potential. Similarly, the metadata in a library automation system is like that oil and fuel running the automobile engine. Without high quality metadata, the library automation system won't function to its full potential - as the main tool to retrieve useful, relevant materials in a library's collection or virtual library database. Thus, a library's collection/database is only as good as its metadata.

Learn how the Mitinet Cataloging Internship Program will prepare you to serve your future enterprise as its metadata creation and management specialist! Learn how to:

  • Manage data workflows and production
  • Leverage knowledge management skills
  • Provide granular data points to maximize library asset use and to assist in meeting curriculum objectives

Desired Qualifications

Evidence of completion or current enrollment in cataloging coursework and demonstrated ability in classification and subject analysis of K-12 materials (e-books, etc.)

Preference given to candidates who demonstrate enrollment in or completion of any of the following Simmons GSLIS courses: LIS 416 Introduction to Cataloging and Classification; LIS 417 Advanced Subject Cataloging and Classification; LIS 445 Metadata; LIS 469 XML


Participants may earn from $3.00 - $5.00 / record (target rates) and be eligible for bonus