Information Architect, MathWorks, Natick MA

Job Summary

Would you like to join a fast-paced, world-class Technical Writing team that is constantly solving new and challenging problems? Are you an Information Architect or Library Science Professional who wants to foster an excellent user experience by delivering the right information to customers precisely when they need it? Do you want to work with commercial software products that make the world a better place? If you answered yes to these questions, we want to speak with you.

MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software. Engineers and scientists worldwide rely on its products to accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation, and development. MathWorks software products allow Engineers to manage the research, design and testing of systems at a high level, allowing the rapid development of innovative products.

This opening focuses on source -side architecture, specifically the intelligence that we bring to our XML sources through semantic markup, industry-standard metadata schemes, and ontologies. Working closely with Information Architects, Documentation Content Architects, and XML technologists, you will contribute to the design and implementation of an XML metadata infrastructure that allows both the authors and consumers of our technical documentation to find and use the information that they need. If you know how to see the semantic structure of technical information beneath the surface organization and to capture that structure, please apply.


1.    Work collaboratively.

2.    Analyze both the surface and underlying semantic design of our information types. Document both the logic (content design) and context of each information type. Organize and maintain these specifications.

3.    Develop and deliver appropriate training for writers and content architects. Mentor content architects and information architects on industry-standard cataloging and information management techniques.

4.    Participate in content development reviews, collaborate on design challenges, and negotiate issues that affect strategy and design. Design for and participate in usability testing or heuristic evaluations of content deliverables for the content model.

5.    Provide leadership in the area of content analytics - web-derived analytics (Omniture) and XML-driven profiling (topic statistics, usage, information typing). Develop a database strategy for capturing this information and for making it accessible to all its potential consumers (internal).

6.    Research new ideas and industry practices in the area of XML information management. Evangelize the promising opportunities.

7.    Develop and maintain a library of tools designed for metadata profiling, search optimization, and lightweight database management. Cross-train peers as needed.

Preferred qualifications

a.    Expertise in current best practices in the fields of content modeling, XML information management, e-resource management, and metadata management.

 b.   Coaching and mentoring

 c.    Knowledge of library science, cataloging, and metadata management is a must.

 d.   Experience with industry standards for metadata and semantic markup is important: RDF, LOM, OWL, ONYX, MARC, METS, NLM, Dublin Core, NISO, and DOI.

 e.   Flexible and creative; able to work collaboratively with a wide variety of stakeholders.

 f.    Experience working with highly technical content and sophisticated tools

 g.   MA in Library and Information Science, Information Sciences, Corporate Information Management, or related degree.

To Apply:

Recruiter:  Stephanie Bishop, Stefanie.Bishop@MathWorks.com508-647-5327 

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