Library Director, Sanbornton Public Library, Sanbornton NH

Reports To: Board of Trustees
Status: Exempt / Full-time

The Library Director is appointed by the Board of Trustees to carry out the mission and the vision of the library. The Director works with the Board to develop an annual budget and establish strategies, goals, objectives, and priorities for the library. The Director directs and coordinates all aspects of the library's daily operations, including programs, collections and services, personnel, technology, public relations and outreach, marketing, buildings, grounds, equipment, budget, and donor relations. The Director maintains good working relations and open communications with all parties connected to the library (public, staff, Board of Trustees, local government officials, and community organizations).
The Sanbornton Public Library serves a community of 3,000 residents, not including a large number of summer residents. Consisting of a single facility (3,900 sq. ft. building with a new addition completed in 2006), the library is poised to move forward building on its successes. The challenges for the next Director will be to guide the Trustees in developing a strategic plan and to build a more robust calendar of programming activities for residents of all ages.

Masters of Library Science (MLS) from an institution accredited by the American Library Association preferred.
Three - five years prior public library management experience, including personnel supervision, budget management, and policy development strongly preferred..

Provides for high-quality library services to Sanbornton, anticipating and fulfilling the community's needs while utilizing all available resources.
Ensures effective and efficient operation of the library on a daily basis.
Interprets and implements policies adopted by the Trustees with fairness and consistency, recommending adjustments as needed.
Continually evaluates effectiveness of services in relation to the library's mission, the community's changing needs and available resources.
Stays current with new trends and best practices in library services, materials and technologies.
Stays abreast of trends in local demographics and library usage.
Provides annual reports for the NH State Library and Town of Sanbornton.

Assists the Board in developing strategies, goals, priorities and policies for all aspects of the library's operations.
Attends and participates in Board of Trustees meetings and meetings of the Board of Selectmen and Budget Committee as necessary.
Keeps the Board informed on current regional, state and national library issues and trends as they affect the library, and on any matter which the Board shall request.
Presents monthly performance metrics and a financial report of library activities to the Board.
Supports the Board of Trustees in its fundraising initiatives.
Serves as a conduit between the Board and library employees and contractors.

Administers the library's annual budget and provides a monthly report to the trustees.
Monitors all library expenditures and revenues to ensure the fiscal integrity of the library and compliance with all state/ federal laws and Board-approved policies, using QuickBooks.
With the Treasurer and Trustees, develops promotes and justifies an annual budget before the Board of Selectmen, Budget Committee and town voters at Town Meeting.
Ensure that NH Statutes (RSA 202) re: finances are strictly followed.
Actively searches for grants appropriate for our library.

Manages and directly supervises the library's staff, assigning duties and work schedules for staff and volunteers as necessary.
Maintains staff job descriptions and personnel policies.
Ensure that employees are trained and current in all aspects of their positions and have opportunities for professional growth and regularly participate in opportunities.
Fosters a healthy work environment, addressing and resolving complaints and issues promptly and with tact.
Maintains open lines of communication with staff, e.g., holding staff meetings, taking selected items to/from the Board of Trustees.
Performs regular evaluations of staff, rewarding/ disciplining employees as necessary.
Maintains accurate payroll and employee records in compliance with state and federal laws.
Recommends candidates to and works with Trustees during hiring process.

Maintains a pleasant, positive and welcoming environment, promoting effective communication with patrons about library policies and services.
Develops and directs programs in accordance with library policies.
Oversees public relations and marketing of the library, including social media, signage, displays and outreach activities to community organizations.
Oversees the continual development of the library's website so that it is an outstanding instrument for service delivery, information exchange and public awareness.

Represents the library and its various activities to the Sanbornton community and to the larger community of libraries within the state.
Is actively involved in NHLA on the state level.
Is actively involved in the local library cooperative (Scrooge & Marley Cooperative).
Fosters partnerships with local business, non-profit and educational organizations and communities (schools, day cares, homeschoolers).

Oversees development and maintenance of the library's various collections, both traditional and in new digital formats, in conjunction with the collection development policy.
Oversees maintenance and enhancement of the building and its infrastructure (HVAC, electrical, etc.)
Leads the ongoing development of the library's technological infrastructure and offerings(computers and other hardware, software, website, social media sites, internet access, etc.)
Ensures that facilities are attractive, safe, comfortable and convenient, and comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances.
Evaluates space needs and recommend changes to the Trustees.

Responsible for any other reasonable duties, consistent with the foregoing, as may be prescribed by the Board.

Salary range for this position is $32,000 to $42,000 with benefits.

Apply with a cover letter, resume and three letters of reference by September 13th to:

L. M. Vanvalkenburgh
Sanbornton Library Trustees
P.O. Box 88
Sanbornton, NH 03269

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