Open Call: Communications Committee, New England Archivists

OPEN CALL: Communications Committee

We are looking for reliable and motivated people willing to learn and to challenge themselves with projects and activities marketing NEA's news, meetings, workshops, and other activities to our members and to other archivists and information professionals in New England and the broader region. 

1. Listserv announcements
We are looking for someone to be in charge of sending out listserv announcements from this committee. This includes writing or editing the text and sending it to multiple listservs (if appropriate) and maintaining the accuracy of the email contacts list.

2. Social media (new!)
We are looking for someone to help NEA establish a more dynamic presence on our social media websites. The job includes actively posting on a regular schedule and/or setting up online events (TBD). In addition we will want this person to set up a Pinterest page and possibly another social media page like Instagram.

3. Press releases and media contact
We are looking for someone to oversee press releases for meetings, workshops, or other NEA events: writing, editing, and emailing them to the press. This person will also be the Communication Committee's media contact. This person will also maintain the accuracy of the press contacts list.

All members are asked to look over text written for meetings, press releases, and other publicity announcements for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Members are also asked to fact-check and edit content for consistency.

Members are also always welcome to suggest ideas specific to their skill sets and talents.
Members serve for two years.

For questions or to apply:
Send an email to Jessica Tanny, Chair of the NEA Communications Committee, at jtanny @ gmail [dot] com with the activities you are most interested in. We will accept new applications until all activities are covered. Members will be added on a first-come, first-served basis