Archive Intern, Beyond Conflict, Cambridge MA

 Beyond Conflict (formerly the  Project on Justice in Times of Transition)  is looking for   a   student   who   is   interested   in   gaining   hands-on  archive  experience   working  for  an internationally       focused     non-profit      organization      in   the   conflict    resolution     field  by professionally archiving 20 years of historically relevant documents.

         Beyond Conflict is an internationally focused NGO that for over 21 years has brought together     individuals    from    a  broad   spectrum     of  countries    to  share   experiences     in  ending conflict,    establishing    peace    and    building    civil  society.    Unlike     conflict   resolution    and reconciliation   programs   that   rely   on   policy-makers   with   little   or   no   first-hand   experience, Beyond Conflict  draws on the talents and energies of decision-makers who have worked to steer   their   own   countries   out   of   repression   or   conflict   and   creates   for  a   for   them   to   convey practical knowledge to those who are facing similar challenges.

         Beyond Conflict has conducted programs that have helped practitioners and political leaders strategize solutions in a variety of countries and regions, including  Bahrain,  Bosnia, Guatemala, Iran, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Palestine and Peru. BC initiatives have addressed a broad array of issues related to peace-building and democratization in post-conflict settings, including      consensus-building       in  preparation     for  negotiations,     improving     United    Nations peace-building   practices   in   the   rule   of   law   area,   strengthening   the   capacity   of   political   and community  leaders   to  work    together   on   reconstruction     issues   and   reforming     intelligence organizations. BC's most notable accomplishments include: catalyzing the field of transitional justice;   helping   introduce   the   truth   commission   concept   in   South   Africa;   fostering   peaceful negotiations and national reconciliation among leaders in Northern Ireland, Central America and the Balkans.

        Under      the   supervision     of  Beyond      Conflict   staff,   the   intern   will   be   tasked     to
professionally      archive   documents      from    the  past  twenty    years   of  programing.      Documents
include   correspondence   with   heads   of   state,   key   policy   makers   and   diplomats  as   well   as
programing information. The intern will gain insight through primary documents to the past 20 years of conflict negotiation and reconciliation. The ideal candidate will:

•    have some professional archiving experience
•    have some international experience
•    have strong organizational skills  and excellent research and writing skills

       Interested students should contact Ina Breuer at
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