Call for Interns, Architecture_MPS

Intern positions available

Academic Journal: Architecture_MPS (Media, Politics, Society) ISSN 2050-9006


The academic journal Architecture_MPS is a unique collaboration of librarians and academics and includes a team of 90 people from 30 countries. In particular, the IS committee has 30 members (including interns) from the UK, Canada, the US and Australia.


It is published monthly online and has a two yearly print version. It is focused on architecture but is clearly interdisciplinary. It examines the relationship of architecture with the fields of politics, media studies and the social sciences. It has published pieces by leading academics and practitioners including Daniel Libeskind and Noam Chomsky, amongst others.


It is looking for interns to work remotely for its Information Services team. In particular, it is seeking:

1. People with a background in media studies, journalism, marketing and / or communication studies

2. People with expertise / interest in social media (facebook, twitter, etc.)

3. People with experience of coordinating/leading teams.


The internship is offered as:


i) an integrated component for credit programs




ii) on a voluntary basis for students wishing to gain experience independently


The Internship is flexible and can be adapted to the requirements of particular programs and interns, both in terms of content and duration. It can be focused on specific tasks or can be offered over extended periods and cover various fields. All interns work remotely. It represents a great opportunity for students and recent graduates to gain experience in: 1) cutting-edge developments in academic publications and 2) the early stage development of an innovative partnership between librarians and academics.


Applicants are invited to discuss these details with Rachel Isaac-Menard, IS Coordinator: