Web DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer, BioRAFT, Cambridge MA

BioRAFT (www.bioraft.com) is a quickly growing company focused on building an enterprise level web-based application used in university and pharmaceutical research.  We are rapidly hiring and looking to grow our development team with experienced and energetic innovators. 


Why work for us?

  • We support a work hard, play hard mentality - we pay well, give great benefits and support your need for a flexible work schedule.
  • There is no dead weight to carry - we run a lean, energetic work environment with all hands on deck.  We are rapidly scaling up our team with only the absolute best candidates.
  • We empower our engineers to make an impact - as an infrastructure engineer you will drive from the front-seat the direction of our server architecture, our technology stack, and infrastructure implementation decisions.


Job Description

In this role, you will actively drive the underlying architecture of our flagship product.  Your primary responsibility will be the health and scalability of the BioRAFT servers and infrastructure. This includes all routine management tasks, server configurations, monitoring, and performance optimizations; as well as coordination with our data centers and associated network infrastructure teams. You will also serve as a security specialist to ensure that our customer's data is outrageously well protected. 


You will work on interesting automation, optimization and deployment projects to support our core development team.  This includes automating routine development tasks, optimizing development environments, and configuring automated testing and validation processes.  You should be very familiar with software development processes and needs, and comfortable in code.  The ideal candidate will even be able to code review developer changes, optimize MySQL queries, diagnose/solve code performance bottlenecks, and write automated tests. 


In short, you should be a smart engineer who takes delight in automating painful tasks, working with development teams to make infrastructure that sings, and banding together with your teammates to deliver killer service to our customers.  It's unlikely you'll ever be bored.


Minimum Requirements:

  • 7 years of experience in LAMP system administration and security; ideally with exposure to working in both virtualized and physical environments
  • PHP development experience highly desired; ideally with Drupal experience
  • Absolute passion for data and process security
  • Strong understanding of web-architecture; including load balancing, disaster prep, etc
  • Passion for building highly scalable systems in a fast paced, team-oriented and customer-focused environment
  • Ability to check your ego at the door, and participate in clear-headed brainstorming sessions and arguments for the better of the product, not your own self-esteem
  • Good sense of humor with the ability to stay relaxed and have fun
  • Strong attention to detail
  • An individual who is eligible to work in the United States (no outsourced or B2B arrangements will be considered)
  • Willingness to undergo full credit and background checks on an annual basis
  • Excellent with Ruby, Python and Perl and other server-side scripting languages


Additional Requirements:

  • Prior experience on large-scale hosted web application project(s)
  • Exposure to automated configuration management tools such as Chef or Puppet would be beneficial.
  • Understanding of Drupal efficiency and optimization techniques is highly desired
  • Understanding of Windows / IIS administration also beneficial.
  • Excellent in technical communication with peers and non-technical cohorts
  • Street smarts and willingness to roll up your sleeves and get dirty to get a job done

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