Intern, MassBiologics, Mattapan MA

We are seeking a highly qualified archives graduate student or a recent graduate from an archival program for an internship at MassBiologics, the United States' only non-profit, FDA-licensed manufacturer of vaccines.  MassBiologics has developed vaccines and vaccine distributions systems for the state and nation for over 100 years.  Now part of the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS), MassBiologics has a very large collection of documents, ephemera, and artifacts that needs to be fully processed.  The intern would work at Mass Biologics' beautiful new building near Mattapan but would report to the Head of the Office of Medical History and Archives (OMHA) at UMMS in Worcester, periodically meeting in person for mentoring and oversight.  This internship pays a stipend of $15 an hour, depending on qualifications, for a maximum of 900 hours per year.  Under the general supervision of the archivist or the Head of OMHA at UMass Medical School, the intern will perform the following complex assignments:

  • Professionally arrange and describe the artifacts, ephemera and papers contained in the holdings of MassBiologics.
  • Extend the existing inventory and EAD-ready Finding Aid of the collection currently on the MassBiologics and  Office of Medical History and Archives (OMHA) web site
  • Participate in regular teleconferences and meetings with the Head of OMHA and/or with the Special Collections Librarian/Archivist
  • Confer regularly with designated supervisors at MassBiologics.
  • Complete a series of approximately 20 oral history interviews with MassBiologics researchers or recently retired researchers
  • Extend the existing history of MassBiologics from approximately 1998 to the present day, utilizing the results of the interviews as well as existing archival documents on site


Interested candidates should send a CV and cover letter to Ellen S. More, Ph.D., Head of the Office of Medical History and Archives, Lamar Soutter Library, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester MA 01655, 508-856-7633 or by email: