Digital Asset Management System Administrator, New England Wild Flower Society, Framingham MA

Digital Asset Management System Administrator
(DAM Specialist/Coordinator)
New England Wild Flower Society
Part-time position: up to 20 hours per week

Reporting to Director of Communications, Manager of Publications.

About New England Wild Flower Society
The mission of New England Wild Flower Society is to conserve and promote the region's native plants to ensure healthy, biologically diverse landscapes.
Founded in 1900 as the Society for the Protection of Native Plants, New England Wild Flower Society is the nation's oldest plant conservation organization and a recognized leader in native plant conservation, horticulture, and education. The Society's headquarters, Garden in the Woods, is a renowned native plant botanic garden in Framingham, Massachusetts, that attracts visitors from all over the world. From this base, 25 staff and more than 700 volunteers work throughout New England to monitor and protect rare and endangered plants, collect and preserve seeds to ensure biological diversity, detect and control invasive species, conduct research, and offer a range of educational programs.

About New England Wild Flower Society's photographic archive of native plants
The Society has collected more than 12,000 slides of native plants. These images have been used to help the Society inform its members and the public at large through its publications, presentations, signage and website. More than 10,000 of these slides have been scanned and are presently being cleaned and color-corrected. The images are being moved into a powerful, web-hosted database (IMS) by Third Light, a digital asset management software with easy-to-use features. When fully operational, it will take only seconds, not hours, to find plants that bloom in June, have yellow flowers, are found in wet habitats, and are native to Connecticut. Since time equals money, savings at the staff level will be great. In addition, hundreds of gorgeous images that have never been seen by the public will be readily available.

Job Description
- Responsible for implementation, administration and workflow of IMS.
- Responsible for assigning appropriate metadata for assets to ensure accurate usage rights.
- Ensure effective metadata tagging, file structure, and find-ability.
- Ensure quality control of images entered into IMS; oversee Photoshop image editing.
- Manage IMS and facilitate the uploading of assets and maintaining/upgrading the system.
- Manage user accounts and control access.
- Facilitate retrieval of previously catalogued images.
- Process raw images using the appropriate software.
- Archive assets as necessary.
- Maintain integrity of all archived files on the system.
- Generate asset download reports.
- Maintain accurate procedures and records for the system.
- Provide hands-on training and support for new internal and general users.
- Create documentation for administrative support and training.

This is an excellent opportunity for individuals interested in photo cataloguing to gain experience with and apply current theories and practices surrounding digital asset management systems. It's also a great opportunity to bolster your resume with instructional experience and new technology skills.

- Technical proficiency with databases, spreadsheets, office software, and standard computer 
software such as Windows and Mac OS.
- Demonstrated ability working with digital imaging equipment and related Windows-based 
software applications such as Adobe Acrobat Professional, Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Bridge, 
Microsoft Excel.
- Demonstrated consistent accuracy and attention to detail while maintaining a very high level 
of productivity. Excellent spelling and proofreading skills a plus.
- Ability to work independently and collaboratively.
- Excellent organizational skills, including ability to set priorities, meet deadlines, manage 
competing priorities and work with minimal supervision.
- Ability to thoroughly quality control the work of yourself and others.
- Self-starter with strong work ethic.

Excellent Photoshop skills for image editing and color correction.

Interest in
- Archival or visual resource collection
- Image management and structured data
- Botany, ecology, horticulture or landscape studies
- Gaining hands-on experience using the following software programs: Third Light IMS, 
Adobe Bridge/Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft Access

Opening for one person to work part time.

Submit cover letter, resume, and two letters of recommendation online to: 
or, by mail to:
Rachel Lander
New England WIld Flower Society
180 Hemenway Road
Framingham, MA 01701

This is a part-time staff position. Candidates must be willing to make at least a one-year commitment.

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