Intern - Institutional Archives, Ryerson & Burnham Libraries, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL


The Institutional Archives of the Art Institute of Chicago were established in 1987 as a department within the structure of the Ryerson Library. The department preserves, accumulates and manages the documentation of the corporate history of the Museum and the School.

Internship opportunities are available in the following areas:

Records Management

-Assisting the Archivist in all aspects of records management, including data entry, database management, logistic support to various school and museum departments, interaction with vendors.


Digitization of Art Institute publications and photographs

-Hands-on scanning of historic publications and photographs

-Composing metadata and attaching these to the pdfs in preparation of web-release

-Periodically updating website 


Processing of archival collections
-Packing and handling, organizing, re-housing and compiling finding-aids (= archival inventories) of collections of personal papers of artists and individuals affiliated with the Art Institute (teachers, curators, donors, trustees)

A combination of the above three fields is possible.


The Institutional Archives are looking for energetic interns who can work a flexible schedule, who enjoy the museum, archives and library environment and who are able to work at least a summer or a semester's length of time.

We are willing to work with any level college student. Majors which would best fit the internship include: Library Sciences, Information Technology, Art History, Fine Arts, Anthropology, Museum Studies, but we are open to others who may be interested in the broader cultural world or non-profit work.          

Intern Information

Length of Program: Semester long internships

Compensation: Unpaid

College Credit: Available

Hours: Approximately 10-15 hours a week