Library/Knowledge Management Intern, Eskind Biomedical Library, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville TN

Eskind Biomedical Library (EBL) and Knowledge Management at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) offer a one-year Library/Knowledge Management Intern appointment with the possibility for extension to a second year given appropriate demonstration of skills/knowledge.

The position is designed to provide interns with a unique opportunity of blended training in areas such as, knowledge management, education, research, and leadership. This one-year term position offers an opportunity for skills growth through a proven and established internationally-known knowledge management training program. The chosen intern will additionally have an opportunity to actively engage in knowledge management research projects and services designed to advance medical center priorities and goals. The work schedule is primarily Monday-Friday, but includes 4-5 half-days/year on weekends.

Required Education, Skills, and Experience
Master's degree in English; proven high-level written and oral communication skills; the ability to easily adapt to change, including duty re-assignment, as needed to best reflect the changing needs of the organization; a dedication to upholding the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information; a demonstrated proficiency with productivity tools and data management applications.

Preferred Education, Skills, and Experience
Master's degree in librarianship or communication-related fields, experience within the publishing industry and with the peer review process, service-oriented approach to projects/initiatives, familiarity with citation management software, social media communications, and a willingness to continue learning new technologies.

Desired Qualifications
The successful candidate will possess:

*        the ability to tailor clearly-written communications to the knowledge-level of their recipient

*        an awareness of the increasing diversity of our community, an eagerness to understand the cultures of the individuals we serve, and the ability to communicate in a culturally appropriate manner

*        strong organizational, analytical, strategic planning, and critical thinking skills

*        effective time management and prioritization skills that yield satisfactory results when pressured for time or when significant challenges arise

*        a strong sense of ownership and a dedication to seeking resolution to problems

*        a willingness to ask for, and to provide, honest feedback

*        a high level of self-direction and motivation, demonstrated attention to detail, and customer service skills

*        an evident interest in lifelong learning and in contributing to the profession through research projects and scholarly communication

*        a passion for learning more about health-science topics and genetic concepts

*        a desire to work in a fast paced, highly demanding and dynamic environment where evidence provision, personalized medicine and pharmacogenetics are top priorities.

Training Approach
Interns experience a variety of exciting responsibilities such as actively participating and contributing to research projects and scholarly communications; working with educators, clinicians, and researchers; enhancing knowledge management tools; and providing information services designed to best reflect the needs of the medical center.

The training relies on a proven project-based management approach for learning and draws from a series of internally-taught modules, workshops and classes. The intern is expected to complete a detailed learning plan in an area agreed upon with knowledge management leadership and to demonstrate knowledge gained in skills verification sessions.

The salary for the position is $42,000. Following successful participation in projects and completion of the learning plan, the intern may be eligible to continue into a second year if the position is viewed as key and critical to the medical center. The benefits are those of exempt staff at Vanderbilt (see Vanderbilt employees accrue time off according to the institution's flexPTO (Paid Time Off) plan (see

To Apply
Submit your resume and cover letter via the Vanderbilt Human Resources site at, job requisition number 1401692.

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