Supervisor of Public Services: Community Relations and Public Programming Coordinator, City of Portsmouth, Portsmouth NH



The purposes of this position are to coordinate public programming and community relations library wide, facilitate and participate in collaborative decision making, create easy customer access to needed information and other materials and thereby fulfill the Library's charter of increasing the opportunities for every inhabitant to improve personal intelligence.  The work is accomplished through creative and intellectual activities and working cooperatively with City departments, business, academic and cultural organizations and the Schools to meet the specific needs of the City's diverse populations. 




Candidates must possess a Master's Degree in Library Science and two or more years of related professional library experience;

OR: an equivalent combination of education and relevant library experience which demonstrates possession of the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.  He/she must have supervisory experience. 





  1. Plans, coordinates and administers programs for adults and assists with Youth Services programming.
    1. Plans and develops a wide variety of adult programs year round.
    2. Oversees the library's Program Committee, supervising Committee members in their work related to public programming.
    3. Works with the Supervisor of Youth Services to help with program planning and implementation and assisting with youth related activities as needed.
  2. Works with the Director, Assistant Director and Supervisors to develop the marketing plan for the entire Library.
    1. Chairs the Marketing Committee
    2. Supervises the work of staff who contribute to committee activities
    3. Prepares and distributes marketing materials for the Library using a wide range of marketing tools including traditional and new media outlets and reaching out to current and potential users of Library services.
    4. Writes press releases for all library programs and announcements.
    5. Oversees social media activities and the production of the monthly eNewsletter
    6. Assists with website coordination and the Library blog
    7. Explores and develops additional avenues for publicity.
  3. Works with the Library Director to manage community relationships for the entire Library.
    1. Reaches out to various community constituencies including government, business, school, and social groups.
    2. Works with the Library Director to identify potential community connections and build relationships.
  4. Works in direct patron service as assigned inside the Library.
  5. Visits sites outside the Library both delivering services at those locations and inviting people to come to the Library for services.


  1. Helps develop, interpret and implement library policies, rules and procedures and assists in their evaluation for effectiveness, efficiency and contribution to customer service.
  2. Prepares statistical reports, customer surveys and management reports.
  3. Participates in maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for fellow staff and library users.




1.         Performs such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned.




Works in office, library and/or school environments which are subject to uncomfortably warm or cool temperatures.  Continuous intellectual effort is required to maintain a current knowledge of library resources, intellectual development, literature and information resources.  The work requires lifting print and other materials, office equipment and supplies weighing up to 50 pounds and being able to carry a reasonable quantity of materials from places where they are stored to places where they may be used.  He/she must be able to hear normal sounds, distinguish sound as voice patterns and communicate through human speech.




An incumbent in this position consistently demonstrates a(n)...


  1. Ability to supervise, train and lead personnel and work in a team environment.
  2. Thorough knowledge of public relations work, marketing and communications.
  3. Strong organizational ability.
  4. Ability to analyze problems and determine the most appropriate solution.
  5. Strong knowledge of the principles and practices of professional library administration especially as they relate to programming and marketing
  6. Strong service orientation and personal example to provide a high level of service to a diverse public.
  7. Proficiency in social media and web design
  8. Demonstrated creativity, and innovation
  9. Energy and enthusiasm for the Library services
  10. Ability to develop, implement and present library programs.
  11. Good time management skills.  The ability to juggle multiple demands on time and to recognize and adjust priorities, always keeping in mind the library's commitment to easy and timely access to materials and resources.
  12. Ability to establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with customers, co-workers, subordinates, employees in other municipal departments and City officials.
  13. Commitment to ongoing professional development and continual learning.
  14. The necessary judgment and public relations skills to deal with people effectively and appropriately.
  15. Ability to communicate effectively with customers, other employees, City officials and other agencies orally, and in writing.  Ability to make clear presentations and reports, give clear instructions and explain complex procedures.




$48,270--$61,720 in 6 steps



City of Portsmouth

Human Resources Office                               

Human Resources Director: Dianna Fogarty

1 Junkins Ave.                                                

Portsmouth, NH  03801                                 

(603) 610-7270


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