Librarian, Charles Darwin Research Station, Galapagos Islands (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Job type: Full-time position
Job Location: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Process closing date: March 30th, 2014

G.T. Corley Smith is a small library, which serves research scientists, researchers and local and international visitors. Contains ~ 6000 monographs, and hundreds of theses, reports and magazines print titles, ~ 20,000 reprints and an archive collection of documents, photographs, slides and CDF Publications. The library catalog has recently migrated to Koha Open Source ILS.

The librarian will be considered a senior staff position within the institution and will have administrative responsibilities including regular staff meetings, budgeting and project management, and attracting resources on a regular basis to ensure that the library work and the larger "knowledge management" work is successful throughout the CDF.

Main responsibilities:
1. Manage all aspects of the library including cataloging, circulation, collection development, reference and access, planning, promotion, budget and staff.
2. Lead the implementation of the plan for the protection of the collections and archives of the CDF, proactively seeking financial support through grants and collaborations.
3. Coordinate efforts to collect digitize and preserve CDF publications, photographs and other unique content.
4. Mentor a local scholarship student and will attending a graduate program /certificate of library and information science in the continent, in the operation and implementation of all aspects of the library.
5. Supervise a library assistant and volunteers. 6. Manage the CDF information and foster cross communication between departments.
7. Maintain and improve the library catalog, completing the implementation of some features of Koha not yet fully operational. Develop and implement policies and procedures for cataloging, including the de-duplication of records and other improvements.
8. Collaborate with CDF staff, researchers and volunteers in integrating the library catalog and CDF content of the publication of information with other platforms including CDF Datazone.
9. Oversee the maintenance and improvements of the physical facilities, equipment and conditions of the library environment to ensure adequate long-term materials conservation and enjoyable visitor experience.
10. Provide professional reference services for researchers, graduate students, and other users.
11. Update and improve the online catalog of the library.
12. Identify financial resources for continued library maintenance, collections enhancement, archiving, and storage.

Required profile:

  • Fluency in English and Spanish Degree in Library Science or related.
  • Certification in librarianship and documentation recognized by the international library community program.
  • At least two years of full-time experience as a professional librarian with tasks such as cataloging, reference, acquisitions, circulation, planning, management and supervision of staff.
  • At least one year experience working with an automated library (modules catalog and circulation).
  • Working knowledge of standards such as AACR2, MARC and DDC (Dewey Decimal System).
  • Experience in project management.
  • Knowledge or experience in the preservation of library collections in Ecuadorian and Latin American environments.
  • Working knowledge of basic computer tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Resourceful, detail oriented and proactive.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to learn new things, solve problems and initiative in implementation.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Post -graduate or Masters in library and information science.
• With academic background in biological, environmental and marine sciences.
• Project management of digitization and implementation experience.
• Experience overseeing a renovation or expansion of the library.
• Experience or background to manage and describe archival collections.
• Experience of database management.
• Experience with HTML and web editing.
• Affiliations with relevant professional organizations in librarianship.

They shall be fixed according to the candidate's qualifications. Benefits include health insurance and 30 days of vacation per year.

How to apply:
Applicants must submit the following documents via e- mail to:

Letter of interest describing their qualifications in accordance with the minimum requirements for this position (half a page for each requirement)

Curriculum Vitae
Three professional references (names and email addresses)

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