Director of Library Media Services, Pinkerton Academy, Derry NH

CONTRACT PERIOD:  Academic year, 195 days (includes 4 floating days in summer), salaried, exempt


SUPERVISOR:  Dean of Faculty


QUALIFICATIONS: Master's degree in Library Science/Media from an accredited institution, certification as a library media specialist from NH Dept. of Education, 3 years' experience in library science, 3 years' experience in a supervisory position

PERSONAL QUALITIES: Energetic, motivated, honest, dependable, hard-working, organized, approachable, collaborative, excellent communicator




  1. Establish goals and vision for the library and Media Center appropriate to the school and the students served that meet the school's mission.
  2. Knowledge of literature and current trends in school library media practice and information technology.
  3. Knowledge of the design and use of educational technology tools.
  4. Knowledge of the school's curriculum and student information needs within the curriculum to promote competency in information literacy across the curriculum.
  5. Knowledge of resources available within and beyond the school, and promote collaborative relationships with external information sources such as other school media specialists, public libraries, government agencies, and business organizations to support learning.
  6. Develop a plan to evaluate the library program to stay current and up to date with emerging library media and educational technologies.



  1. Maintain and expand the library collection, equipment and technologies to meet the diverse needs of the school, the learning needs of all learners, and library information standards.
  2. Supervise students and manage student behavior in accordance with school policies and standards.
  3. Implement policies and procedures relating to borrowing and returning of library property.
  4. Supervise the inventory of library materials and equipment as needed.
  5. Maintain the library's on line resources.



  1. Provide instructional support to students using the library or Media Center during designated periods, as well as before and after school.
  2. Provide instructional support by developing research tools.
  3. Collaborate with teachers in designing and presenting instructional units and lessons to promote literacy and technology skills by incorporating and encouraging the integration of a wide range of resources and technology in the library and classroom.
  4. Provide professional development opportunities to acquaint teachers with print, online and multimedia resources as well as research and information literacy.



1.   Lead department and Library Advisory Committee meetings, encouraging collaboration

      with faculty and staff to promote library resources and activities.

2.   Participate in technology committees.

3.   Assist, supervise and evaluate library staff and provide them with professional development opportunities.

4.   Perform other comparable duties as assigned.

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The position is open until filled.

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