Records Management and Registrar / Curatorial Manager, The First Church of Christ, Scientist I The Christian Science Publishing Society, Boston MA


Develops and implements the records management program for The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and The Christian Science Publishing Society. Receives, documents, and cares for donations into the collections of The Mother Church. Defines policies and procedures for the management of Church collections and artifacts.


1. Coordinate and direct the records management program - 50%

  • Analyze records and record-keeping systems throughout the Organization and provide evaluations, plans, and remedies as required.
  • Manage legacy and archival records retrospective processing, analyses, and reappraisal.
  • Manage a wide variety of records management projects and work assignments
  • Manage the proper transfer, processing, retrieval, and storage of records.
  • Manage the organization's vital records program.
  • Coordinate the authorized destruction of records.
  • Develop long-term plans relating to Church collections, inactive records storage, publications, multimedia, electronic records, and archival records.
  • Provide associated reports, plans, and statistics to Senior Management.

2. Manage, document, and store donations accepted into the collections of The Mother Church - 50%

  • Develop and regularly review policies and procedures related to the collections of The Mother Church. Work with the curatorial staff of The Mary Baker Eddy Library regarding collections documentation, storage, and policies.
  • Regularly review inventories and controls of the artifact collection in the Organizational Archives of The Mother Church, ensuring that items are properly maintained, stored, and catalogued.
  • Identify conservation issues within the collection, and report on potential solutions to management.
  • Advise other departments and branch churches on conservation and collections management issues.
  • Work with Site Services to coordinate and consider ownership and placement of Church collections (e.g. artifacts, paintings, replicas, and furniture) and develop guidelines for collection classification.
  • Coordinate and arrange for the binding of archival copies of Christian Science Periodicals (Journal, Sentinel, Quarterly and Herald)
  • Record the accessioning and de-accessioning of records and artifacts from donors


Reporting Relationships
Supervision: Reports to the Manager of the Office of Records Management, Audit and Compliance

Regular Contacts

Works directly with organizational departments, and personnel at all levels throughout the Church center who have record materials; with Senior Management via the RMC and RMC Subcommittees; with Christian Science Journal Directory Services; with the MBEL on acquisitions and acquisition policies.



Master's degree in Library Science, history or fine arts or similar subject, and 5 or more years of experience in records management, artifact registration, classification, coding, and authentication procedures. Project management experience, professional certifications (e.g., ARMA, NEMA), and work experience across a broad range of records management, curatorial, and archival projects are highly desirable.


Strong working knowledge of curatorial, archival and records management theory, practice, and policies. Must have solid analytical and project management skills and be able to utilize and understand records management software. Must have knowledge of pertinent records management law and regulations. Must be able to write manuals, instructions, and guidelines. Must be able to develop policies and programs. Must be able to communicate with precision and clarity in both written and verbal forms. Must be able to maintain confidentiality and work as a team player.

Technology Skills

Strong knowledge of records management software, and a high degree of skill in database entry, searching, and reporting. Can assist or lead others in use of the database, including electronic records-keeping processes and handling, query and report generation, research and reference skills, ability to develop and maintain classification systems (including coding and data entry criteria, file plans and naming conventions). Overall, a broad knowledge of technologies applicable to records management, archives, and libraries.

Work Environment
This position regularly works in an office environment.

Physical Requirements
The incumbent must be able to lift 30 to 40 pound boxes, climb stairs and ladders, and handle the physical requirements of moving materials within repository areas.

Christian Science Information
Mother Church membership is preferred.

To apply:

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