The first three courses (LIS 401, LIS 415, and LIS 407) must be taken in sequence in the beginning of the student's program; LIS 401 is the first course that every student will take regardless of any other factor. The Capstone must be taken at the end of the student's program.

The information below shows how the sequencing will work for both full-time (three courses per semester) and part-time (one or two courses per semester) students. Students are not required, however, to commit to taking the same number of classes every semester — or even to committing to part- or full-time. To meet the core requirements, the most important thing is for students to take LIS 401 first, and then LIS 407 and LIS 415 and any specialized intro class, as their next few classes. It is understood that not every student will progress through the program in a consistent way; faculty advisors and GSLIS staff can assist with planning should it be necessary.

For Students Taking Three Courses In Their First Semester

For students taking three courses in their first semester, their third course will vary. Students in a specialized concentration must take the appropriate core (LIS 426 for School Library Teacher Program; LIS 438 for Archives), whereas generalist students have the option of taking an elective. Some generalist students may choose to take LIS 407 or the Technology core at this time, but most advisors recommend taking those in the second semester instead. If students do not take LIS 407 in their first semester, however, they MUST take it in their second semester.


For Students Taking Two Courses In Their First Semester

Students taking two courses per semester will begin their program with LIS 401 and LIS 415 . In their second semester, they will take LIS 407 and either LIS 426 (for School Library Teacher Program), LIS 438 (for Archives Concentrators), or a Technology course (for generalist students). Please note: beyond LIS 401, LIS 407, and LIS 415, not all courses are offered during every term. (For example, LIS 426 and LIS 438 are generally not offered during the summer.) Students should discuss options with their advisors.

For Students Taking One Course In Their First Semester

Students who take just one course in their first semester will begin the program with LIS 401, then will take LIS 415 in their second semester, then LIS 407 in their third. From there they will proceed as noted in the diagram below.

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