Ph.D. Candidate Profile: Patricia Condon by Jennifer Moyer

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Doctoral candidate Patricia Condon recently added another accolade to her shelf: first prize in the poster session at the "Curate Thyself!" DigCCurr Ph.D. Symposium at the University of North Carolina. The award  is added to her growing list, which includes a doctoral fellowship from the Building the Future of Archival Education and Research Initiative, which provides full-time funding for her studies, and the Warren Tracy Award, which recognizes distinguished service, scholarship, and  professionalism in the library and information science field.

With research interests emphasizing preservation, digital curation, and archives, Condon co-presented with Professor Jeannette Bastian in June 2013 at the Fifth Annual Archival Education and Research Institute (AERI) in Austin, Texas. Bastian, Associate Professor Donna Webber, and Megan Sniffin-Marinoff, University Archivist at the Harvard Library, are writing a book that aims to help library administrators understand archive departments. Condon partnered with the authors as a research  assistant  performing the data coding and analysis of interview transcripts using the qualitative data analysis software NVivo.

"Pursuing a doctoral degree at Simmons always seemed like the next logical step for me," says Condon. "I will never be done learning. I enjoy the work of archives and libraries, but I also enjoy research and teaching. A doctoral degree expands these opportunities and the possibility for me to contribute to the field in innovative ways."

Her work doesn't end there. In addition to teaching the LIS 448 Digital Stewardship class this summer, Condon  is creating a series of month-long online digital stewardship courses that will be offered through GSLIS Continuing Education. The courses are geared toward information professionals, librarians, and archivists interested  in creating and managing a sustainable digital repository. Under the direction of Senior Guest Lecturer Ross Harvey and the Program Manager for Continuing Education and Communications Kris Liberman, Condon designed the courses to incorporate hands-on practical exercises in the Digital Curriculum Laboratory, and to encourage dialogue about issues associated with digital stewardship. The courses are scheduled to launch at the end of 2013.

Prior to joining the Simmons GSLIS doctoral program, Condon was a health researcher at Consumer Reports, where she also managed the archives for the Health Letter and was a reference librarian for editors and freelance writers. 

She received master's degrees in library and information science and  in anthropology from the University of Southern Mississippi (USM). While there, Condon held a teaching assistantship at the School of Library and Information Science, and also provided undergraduate information literacy instruction. She participated in a graduate assistantship with USM's McCain Library and Archives working on the Mississippi Civil Rights Digitization Project where she processed and digitized collections.

"I chose the Simmons GSLIS doctoral program because it was the right fit for me," Condon says. "Three years into the program, I can confirm that it was the right decision."

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