The Commuter Experience

Commuter students make up a significant portion of the student population. The Simmons community understands that commuters lead active lives, so announcements of various activities are posted throughout the Main College Building (MCB) and available on the Simmons Connection Portal page. Commuter Students are encouraged to get involved in student organizations, athletic teams, and service groups.

The Commuter Student Organization provides additional opportunities for commuter students to get involved. Email to find out further information.

The Office of Student Leadership and Activities serves as a resource for commuter students in addition to managing the Commuter Student Lockers and the MBTA Student Semester T-pass program. You can review additional information about the T-pass program on the Campus Life page.

Commuter students who need access to the residence halls for organization meetings may contact the Office of Student Leadership and Activities (OSLA) with the days, times, and building for which access is needed. OSLA will then make a request to Public Safety for access to be added to the student's Fenway Card.

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