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Our conference, "Cleaning for a Healthy Indoor Environment for Children," which took place October 24-25, 2005, presented new information and practical approaches on cleaning for a healthy indoor environment for children. The focus was on the control of pathogenic bacteria and viruses on surfaces in order to reduce the risk of infection acquisition and transmission, and the prevention and control of mold for indoor air quality. The aim was to educate those who work with children, in homes and in institutional settings.

The following presentations from the Conference are available in Powerpoint format:

Cleaning for Allergy and Asthma Control
Gary Adamkiewicz, PhD MPH
Harvard School of Public Health

Cleaning for Immunocompromised Children:
Reducing Risk for Opportunistic Fungal Infection

Eugene C. Cole, DrPH
Brigham Young University

Health Effects of Cleaning Products
Dr. Susan Duty, Assistant Professor
Simmons College, Nursing Department

The Role of the Environment in the Transmission of Bacteria and Viruses Amongst Children
Syed A. Sattar, Ph.D.
Director, Centre For Research On Environmental Microbiology (Crem)
University Of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, Canada

What It Means to Be Green:
Opportunities for Chemical Manufacturers and Responsible Consumers

Carole LeBlanc, Ph.D.
Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI)
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Cleaning to Prevent the Transfer of MRSA & Other Skin Pathogens During Athletic Activities
MaryAnn Custer MS, RN, CMSRN

Antibiotic resistance, the hygiene hypothesis - and the need for targeted hygiene
Sally Bloomfield
Chairman and Scientific Advisory Board Member, IFH
Hon. Professor, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Infection Control in Daycare and Schools
Patricia Kludt M.P.H.,
Massachusetts Department of Public Health

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Elizabeth Scott, Ph.D.
Department of Biology

Nancie Herbold, Ed.D., R.D.
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