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Research Highlights

Val LeiterVal Leiter is currently the chair of Simmons' Sociology department - but that is far from the only thing keeping her busy. Along with Liz Scott in Biology, Val has been instrumental in the formation and growth of the college's Public Health program, one of fifteen programs nation-wide to be recognized by the Association of American Colleges & Universities, the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research, and the Healthy People 2020 Taskforce as a "successful undergraduate public health program." Read More »

Dan ConnellRead about Simmons professor Dan Connell, and you'll get an adventure narrative and a lesson in international relations rolled into one. In 1975, he took his intellectual curiosity and his experience as a political organizer across the Atlantic, where he became involved with two rival nationalist movements in Eritrea. He traveled with both groups and reported on their conflict over the next few years for media in Europe and North America. Read More »

Maria AbateWhile Maria Abate is new to the Simmons Biology department, she is already well acquainted with the neighborhood - she has been working as a professor and a researcher in the Boston area for over 10 years. In class she emphasizes the intricate connection between people and the process of evolution by using "real life" scenarios. For example, students have prepared summaries of research findings as if they were writing for the Boston Globe; designed computer graphics to conceptualize themes they're studying; or hotly debated the ethics of medical research in her classes. Read More »