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Accommodating a Student with Disabilities

Procedures for Responding to Requests for Accommodations

Simmons College seeks to provide a supportive environment for students with disabilities, which includes insuring that instructors respond appropriately to requests for accommodations. These accommodations are intended to enable students with disabilities to meet the course requirements through an alternate path, with no reduction in standards or quality expected. Financial responsibility for the accommodation will be met in accordance with College procedures administered by the Disability Services staff.

The student is responsible for initiating a request for an accommodation in a specific course.

This should be done by the student prior to or early in the semester to allow time for plans to be made and carried out. In some situations, students may not make accommodation requests at the beginning of the semester. Simmons College is legally required to provide accommodations at the point of notification, even if that notification comes late in the semester.

If the instructor is a graduate teaching assistant, the request should be referred to the faculty member in charge of the course.

The student and instructor should arrange a meeting to discuss the request.

It is strongly encouraged that instructors and students meet during an established appointment time rather than just prior to or after class time. This will prevent students and faculty from feeling rushed and the likelihood that miscommunication will occur and will better ensure the student's confidentiality.

The student should be asked to bring the Student Accommodation Letter to the meeting.

During their designated meeting time, the student and instructor should take time to discuss the Student Accommodation Letter.

The type of accommodations that have been recommended for the student by the Disability Services staff should be discussed.

The syllabus is also a particularly good place to generate dialogue about their specific needs regarding class work and for discussing accommodations.

The instructor should be able to reach an agreement and understanding with the accommodations for the student.

If the instructor disagrees with a recommendation made on the Student Accommodation Letter, or if the instructor believes that the student is requesting an accommodation that goes beyond those indicated on the Student Accommodation Letter, he or she should discuss those concerns with Disability Services.

If the instructor and Disability Services are unable to reach an agreement, the issue should be discussed with the instructor's department chair and/or the Dean of the College.

If still unresolved, the matter should be referred to the General Counsel of the College. The General Counsel will in turn consult with the Disability Services staff to ensure whatever action is taken is in compliance with the requirements of the American with Disabilities Amendment Act of 2008.


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For more information regarding Disability Services, please contact:

Timothy Rogers
Director of Disability Services

Erin Glover
Coordinator, Disability Services

For appointments, call 617-521-2474.