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Legal Responsibility to Provide Anonymity


  • DO NOT ask a student about information regarding accommodation issues when other students are in the classroom. For example, simply asking a student whether or not they have received a scribe for notetaking is still unacceptable. You are still considered to be revealing confidential information about one of your students to the rest of the class.
  • DO feel free to e-mail a student with a disability if you have any questions or concerns. This is the quickest, most confidential and efficient way of contacting a student.
  • DO NOT reveal any information to any parents or acquaintances of a student with a disability, even if they sound concerned. Once a student is 18 years of age, they are provided with the same protection of confidentiality as with any other adult. Written Releases of Information are required for you to provide any information regarding a student, including academic progress or disability status.
  • DO feel free to ask students about how you can better meet their needs and address their concerns.


Main Campus Building Room E108

300 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115


For more information regarding Disability Services, please contact:

Timothy Rogers
Director of Disability Services

Erin Glover
Coordinator, Disability Services

For appointments, call 617-521-2474.