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Vision Impairment

Orientation to Classes

The Massachusetts Commission for the Blind provides mobility instruction for its clients when requested. The goal of its Orientation and Mobility Department is to bring the individual back to the independent travel, one had before vision loss, or to provide the more experienced traveler with orientation to a new environment. Orientation is the ability to understand where one is located in space and Mobility is being able to travel thorough that space safely. The Orientation and Mobility Department provides individualized training programs within the home, neighborhood, workplace and community. Instruction begins with an assessment of the individual's needs, motivation, and visual and physical abilities and limitations, and may include the use of low vision aids and long cane training. The Orientation and Mobility Instructor ind will meet with a student before classes begin to help orient them to new surroundings, buildings, etc. Not all students will want this service. Some students prefer using their friends, family, or their residual vision.

Acquiring books, handouts, and any other printed material in:

  • Large print - Disability Services can assist students in converting print materials to a larger print format. Students can also independently access assistive technology on the computers in the Library.
  • Braille - Students who prefer using Braille can work with the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind in acquiring their textbooks in Braille.
  • Taped text books and materials - Students who prefer using taped texts and materials can access them through RFBD (Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic). Disability Services can also assist with conversion of print materials into an electronic text version.

City/Campus Transportation

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) provides excellent transportation around the greater Boston area. The "T" is the fixed route subway and bus system. The RIDE is MBTA's door-to-door transportation system for persons who are elderly or disabled. One must be registered with them to be eligible for this service. The RIDE provides curb-to-curb service within the city limits.

Library Assistance

The circulation desk at Beatley Library will provide students with a person to help them find what they need in the library. CCTV and Zoom Text are available to enlarge materials for those students with vision disabilities. The copy costs are the same for all students.

Test Taking Procedures

The student needs to discuss test taking procedures with their professors when they present their Student Accommodation Letter. Usually, the student and their professor can work out a solution that works well for both of them. If, however, there is a problem, students can ask for the assistance of Disability Services.

Braille services

There is currently no system on Simmons College campus to convert materials to Braille. The Massachusetts Commission for the Blind is the local agency to contact for assistance with Braille.


Main Campus Building Room E108

300 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115


For more information regarding Disability Services, please contact:

Timothy Rogers
Director of Disability Services

Erin Glover
Coordinator, Disability Services

For appointments, call 617-521-2474.