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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get reimbursed for purchases?

Petty cash transactions are for incidental College-related expenses for which the employee paid from personal funds. Original itemized sales receipts, regardless of amount, are required with submission of the reimbursement form. These transactions should be kept to minimum since sales tax is not a reimbursable expense. Reimbursement forms are available online at Accounts Payable downloadable forms. Expenses for $100 or below should be submitted to the Cashier Window MCB W207. Expenses over $100 should be submitted to the Accounts Payable MCB W207.

How do I pay a guest speaker, etc?

Payment for honorariums, professional fees, guest lecturers should be prepared on a Check Request Form. The payee's address, tax id or social security number, date and description of service must be completed on this form. Payment should be submitted after the service has been rendered.

How do I pay a guest speaker who is an employee of the College?

Payment for employees must be requested on a Payroll Voucher Authorization Form (for temporary and part-time personnel) and processed through the Talent and Human Capital Strategy C-210.

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