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Travel Card Audits

To ensure the continued success of the Corporate Travel Card program, the College's internal auditor and the program coordinator will perform periodic audits. The purpose of the audits will be to ensure that the cardholders and their respective departments are adhering to proper policies and procedures. Audit steps will include, but not limited to, reviews to ascertain that:

  • Travel cards are used for authorized charges related only to the College's business.
  • Where College-wide agreements exist, charges of travel related services are procured through the designated suppliers.
  • Proper documentation (in the form of boarding passes, receipts, etc.) is maintained to support travel card transactions.
  • Timely reconciliation of the cardholder's account is performed between the services received, and the charges reported on the cardholder's statement.
  • The cardholder and the department head maintain supporting documentation and the related reconciliation in their respective departments.
  • Documents will be sent to the coordinator at the end of the fiscal year for retention in accordance with the College's record retention policy.