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Transaction Limits: The single transaction limit is $2,500 per transaction with a monthly limit of $5,000, this is the maximum amount that may be charged in a single billing cycle (month). Cardholders requesting a limit above $5,000 monthly must prepare a memo to the program coordinator explaining the higher requirements.

Number of Daily Transactions: Another control is the number of transactions allowed per day which is currently at 8. This is a precaution against lost or stolen cards. Individual cards may be customized to accommodate various charge patterns by increasing or decreasing this number.

Blocked Merchant Codes: Merchants providing travel and entertainment services, in most cases, will accept the travel card. All other merchant types have been blocked from usage in the program.

Transaction Declines: If a charge is declined, contact the JPMorgan Chase customer service representative at 800-270-7760 to determine the reason for the decline. The decline may be due to merchant blocking or other legitimate reasons, such as exceeding the established limits of the card.