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Disputing A Transaction

You may dispute any charge that you do not recognize, or that appears to be incorrect. Please note that the College must still pay the charges and will receive the appropriate credit when the dispute is resolved.

First contact the vendor to resolve any outstanding issues. Keep a record that it is still pending resolution on the copy of your payment form.

If an agreement cannot be reached:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the appropriate transaction.
  3. Click on the dispute box.
  4. Fill out the appropriate information.
  5. After you enter required information, click Save
  6. Complete form & fax back to the JPMorgan Chase.

Failure to notify JPMorgan Chase of a disputed charge 30 days from receipt of the statement indicates that the statement charges are acceptable. Disputed transactions submitted to JPMorgan Chase more than 30 days after receiving the statement may be disallowed. JPMorgan Chase will contact the vendor and assist in resolving the disputed transaction.

If a resolution has not been reached or the vendor fails to respond 60 days from the date the dispute was submitted, JPMorgan Chase will automatically credit the disputed amount to the cardholder's next billing cycle.

You are responsible for showing that erroneous transactions were disputed in accordance with the above process, and that proper actions were taken to receive credits or agreeable resolutions. The JPMorgan Chase 24-hour customer service representative can help you by calling 800-270-7760.