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Travel Card

In partnership with JPMorgan Chase, Simmons College offers the Visa Corporate Travel Card Program to all eligible Simmons employees. The objective of the program is to provide Simmons employees with added convenience, security and flexibility while traveling on behalf of the College.

Employees planning to incur travel-related expenses of $2,500 or more per year (not including airfare), are eligible to receive a Travel Card. Cards are issued at the request of your department head.

Although the card is issued in your name, it is the property of Simmons College and can be used only for College purposes as described in this document. The card will not affect the credit rating of the cardholder, nor is there a fee associated with this Program.

In the event an employee separates from the College, the card should be returned to Accounts Payable immediately. The card will be canceled upon termination of employ or in the event of abuse of the Corporate Travel Card system as outlined in this document.

How to Obtain a Card

Only full-time employees of the College will be permitted to receive a Corporate Travel Card. An employee may only receive the card after completing a Cardholder Application Form, meeting with the program coordinator and signing a Cardholder Agreement Form. The Cardholder Application Form must include proper departmental signature authorization, or it will be returned to the department if found to be incomplete.

Upon receipt of the Corporate Travel Card by the coordinator, the employee will be notified and requested to schedule a time to sign for the card. The cardholder must sign a Cardholder Agreement Form agreeing to follow the policies and procedures of the College.