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Payment of Card Statement

Each cardholder will receive a monthly Visa statement directly from JPMorgan Chase identifying each transaction made during the billing cycle. The coordinator will receive a central invoice listing the amount due for each cardholder. Payment will be made to JPMorgan Chase based on online reconciliation.

No later than the 25th of each month, review your charges online as follows:

  1. Enter I.D name and password
  2. Budget numbers should be checked, approved or changed
  3. Review and approve all transactions
  4. If the budget information is not changed by the time payment is due, the item will be expensed to the incorrect line item

No later than the 15th of each month:

  1. Complete the Travel Expense Report
  2. Attach JPMorgan Chase monthly statement
  3. Attach original receipts
  4. Submit to supervisor for approval
  5. Each cardholder will be responsible for the retention of documentation

At the end of the fiscal year you will then send all of your paperwork to the coordinator. Failure by the department to maintain the statement reconciliation and submit when due will cause the Corporate Travel Card to be deactivated or revoked.