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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How far in advance do I need to book a room?
    Space is at a premium at Simmons College so we recommend that you complete a request form as soon as you know what date, time, and number of attendees you expect. All classroom space can not be booked until four weeks into each semester.
  2. Do I need to fill out a request form to reserve a meeting/function space?
    Yes, all spaces can be requested using our on-line request form which can be accessed at
  3. How do I arrange for food/media to be at my event?
    Catering should be arranged through Dining Services and media requests may be arranged through Media Services.
  4. Can I reserve parking? 
    All parking requests should be requested through the Parking Office. Parking in the garage is limited.
  5. Can I reserve a meeting room for a Saturday or Sunday?
    Yes, you can reserve a room for a weekend day but you may incur overtime charges for housekeeping, set-up, and food. If overtime charges are involved you will be informed.
  6. Can I reserve a room on the Residence Campus?
    Yes, Conferences can reserve various spaces on the residence campus such as the hall lounges, meeting rooms, Alumni Hall, and Bartol Small. Sports Center requests should go through the Sports Center directly via their online request form.
  7. Can I reserve a room if I am a student?
    Yes, you can reserve a room, however email approval is required from a Simmons Representative to the Conferences Department. Acceptable Simmons representatives are: OSLA for recognized Student Organization events,  a Professor/Advisor for study groups and class related events and  a Scott/Ross Representative for all Scott/Ross events.  Refer to For Student Organizations for the approval process.
  8. What should I do if my events head count has changed?
    It is very important to contact Conferences ASAP at 617-521-2158 if the number of attendees has changed because it can affect the set-up of the room. If applicable, you should also contact Dining Services at 617-521-2904 so that you are ensured that there will be the proper amount of food at your event.
  9. How can I reserve easels?
    You would request that either on your request form or call the Conferences office.
  10. How do I cancel a reservation?
    Either via e-mail or if it is within one week of the event by phone, 617-521-2158.