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For Student Organizations

Any meeting or event space used by graduate or undergraduate students must be scheduled with the Office of Conferences & Special Events.

1. Submit your space request the following ways:

2. After working through the details, Conferences & Special Events will send you an email confirming a tentative hold on your requested space. This reservation is pending and requires approval from the Simmons representative. Acceptable Simmons representatives are:

  • OSLA for recognized Student Organization events
  • Professor/Advisor for study groups and class related events
  • Scott/Ross Representative for all Scott/Ross events

3. The Simmons representative will reply to both you and Conferences & Special Events either approving or denying your event.

4. If approved:

  • And no setup is needed, the event is marked confirmed.
  • And setup is needed, you will need to fill out the online setup request form whihc is automatically sent to Conferences. Read below for instructions and the link to the Event Setup Form.

5. If denied:

  • Representative will provide reason for denial in email.
  • Conferences will automatically cancel reservation in R25.
  • Student will need to follow up with the representative to resolve any issues.
  • Once resolved, the event request will need to be resubmitted.

Room Setup
If you need a particular furniture setup in you event space, please fill out the online Event Setup Form; this must be completed 5 business days before your event. Requests for media (microphones, projection, etc.) must be made through Technology (x2222); requests for catering (linens, food, drinks, silverware, etc.) must be made through Catering (x2904).

Spaces NOT booked by Conferences 

  • Bake Sale table — Contact OSLA
  • Trustman Art Gallery — Requested via online form by Faculty/Staff only 
  • Sports Center — Requested via online form 
  • Computer Labs — Contact the Registrar's office
  • Study Rooms - Contact the Library & School of Management