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Initial Planning

In order to make sure you have space available for your event, we recommend reserving space and initiating planning as early as possible. Remember there may be costs associated with your event. In the planning stages of your event it is important to think about the services you may need such as catering, media, and/or parking. Your department may incur overtime charges, especially for events that occur on the weekends, or those events that require increased set-up and breakdown time. Departments or groups hosting events that require additional furniture, security, media, food, or housekeeping staff may be charged for any costs associated with these services. Please be prepared to provide Conferences with a budget number for any projected overtime charges.

The following pages will help you set up and hold a great event:

  1. Reserving a Room
  2. Available Event Services
  3. Request Set-up
  4. Final Preparations

Important information:

Special cases:

If you have any questions, please contact us!