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Reserving the Trustman Gallery

Trustman Gallery
Square Footage: 1160 sq. ft

Trustman Foyer
Square Footage: 981 sq. ft

The Trustman Gallery is a public art gallery with operating hours between 8:30 am & 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. As such, it's event use is limited to weekends, and post-4:30 pm weekdays. 

Any event taking place in the Trustman Gallery must be scheduled to begin a MINIMUM of ONE HOUR AFTER their 4:30 weekday closing time. This allows for set-up of furniture, catering, or media needs.

An Important Note

The Trustman Gallery has a list of rules by which it's guests must abide. Any group using the Trustman Gallery must contact Marcia Lomedico in the Art & Music department (x2268) before booking the space, and must fill out a special Trustman Art Gallery Reservation Form, which can be found here.

Departments using the Trustman Art Gallery are responsible for it's care and security after hours. A representative from any department or student group using the Gallery must be present in the gallery while it's doors are open or unlocked after operating hours.

Ropes and stanchions must be in place to protect art during any after hours event.

No red liquids are allowed in the Trustman Art gallery.