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MetroCab provides taxi service to Simmons through a voucher program for local business-related travel. MetroCab is headquartered in Allston and is the largest owner-operated cab company in Boston with a fleet of 541 cabs and 55 vans.

The voucher program includes a standard tip fee, so there is no need to calculate tips while in transit. As a voucher customer, you receive priority service when mentioning your account number. MetroCab's website is available for ordering cab service, saving call-in time. In addition, MetroCab will call you back when the taxi is a few blocks away.

Taxi service is available by calling 617-254-6060, whether you use cash, credit card or the voucher program. Please note that the voucher program offers the additional features of website ordering and pre-calculated tip fees.  Please review the information sheet for placing orders by phone.

At your convenience, please contact Accounts Payable via email @ to arrange issuance of the MetroCab vouchers and instructions. It will take approximately 24 hours to set up the new voucher accounts.

If you need additional information, please contact Account Payable at ext. 2153 or Kelly Williams, Purchasing & Procurement, at ext. 2155.